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What is Tupelo Honey?

Tupelo honey is a high-grade honey produced where a water- lover tree grows. It is called Tupelo honey, but in fact it comes from only one tree from the many tupelo tree species, Nyssa ogeche, found in a small region in North Western Florida and South Georgia. The full name for this type of honey is Ogeechee Tupelo honey.


Local honey can provide relief from seasonal allergies. Consider the logic: the bees are collecting nectar from the very plants that are making you sneeze and sniffle, and so with honey, you can ingest minute amounts of the very allergen that is troubling you. A teaspoon of local honey each day can relieve the symptoms of pollen-related allergies, include local honey in your daily diet throughout the year and you may never need to take antihistamines for pollen allergies again. Begin one month before your allergy problems generally start, and continue until allergy season end’s.




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