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Meet the Beast a 2008 F350 Super Duty

The Beast

I wrote in an earlier post about needing a new truck so, After careful consideration, we decided on his one. Meet the Beast, a 2008 F350 Super Duty.

We found it on Auto however the dealership is in Jonesboro Georgia, It was well worth the trip to get what we were looking for at a reasonable price. It’s Big, Heavy, and powerful, and having a Diesel engine is a bonus. What he lacks in beauty he makes up for in raw power, that’s why we call him The Beast.  Motorvation is the name of the dealership where we found it, very friendly and helpful staff, they don’t mind taking the extra steps to make sure your experience with them is as enjoyable as possible. Sumaria was the salesperson who helped us. If you are ever in need of a great used truck check them out before spending your money elsewhere.

A promise kept

We met Eddie way back in 2008, ironically the same year as our new truck. Eddie was sixteen years old when we first started work at the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranches, he was one of our original boys, he fell in love with our 2003 F150 truck and made me promise to give him first dibs to buy it when we were ready to sell. We didn’t know at the time but, it would take fourteen more years before his wish came true. He was as excited to get it as when he first saw it. I’m glad it has a good home and a family that will appreciate it. We never considered selling or trading the 150 to anyone anywhere because this was Eddie’s truck, a promise is a promise.

After picking up our new truck we decided to head on down to Florida for a few days to visit family and have a day at the beach.

A day at the beach

It was an unexpected trip back south, but it was a trip that had a triple purpose. If you find yourself in need of a good used truck check out Motorvation in Jonesboro Georgia, Tell them Tom and Arleen sent you.


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