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Planting a Garden or Veggie patch

The best things are unexpected

Planting a Garden or veggie patch. Arleen’s cousins gave her some Tomato and pepper plants, also some dill, and chives to plant. Being full-time campers gardening wasn’t on our priority list, however, when someone gives you free plants, you plant them.

My Father in law has been farming all his life, he knows a thing or two about soil. He suggested we get better-quality topsoil before planting.

Father knows best

Heeding Bill’s advice, we grabbed a shovel and some buckets and headed out to find the good dirt.

Bill is 82 years old, but don’t tell him, he can outwork most people half his age, he chose to fill the buckets himself. I think he likes to show the “kids” how it’s done.


We’ll plant here

The hardest part of our little project was to find the right place to plant. After careful consideration, I chose the spot I thought was best. It is close to water, with plenty of sunshine during the day, and shade in the afternoon.

Getting down and dirty

I think the term veggie patch best describes our project, a garden is much larger than this. It didn’t take long to prepare the ground, add the good topsoil, and get everything planted.


Just add water

I started this post by stating the best things are unexpected. I haven’t planted anything in a long time, I had forgotten the simple joy of getting in the dirt and loving it. We could have gone to a farmers market and bought vegetables, but nothing compares to the taste of something you grew yourself.
Because of the generosity of someone else, I rediscovered something I didn’t even know I had lost. I won’t wait this long before I plant again, even if it’s something in a small flower pot, dirt is dirt and a plant is a plant. The moral of the story, don’t get so busy you forget what it feels like to get a little mother earth on you. Until next time, take care and God Bless.




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