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Daytona Bike Week Day 2


Ross Myer’s Daytona Harley Davidson

After a great ride to Daytona we found our motel and checked in.  After we are settled in we go across the street to Bruce Ross Meyer’s Daytona Harley Davidson for a look around. The first thing we had to do was find a beer, which is not hard at all. There are plenty of places for food and beverages, everywhere you look.


After a refreshment the next order of business was to find a tattoo shop. Our friend, who we will call V, had never gotten a tattoo and I wanted to finish up something I had began a while back.  We both made appointments for the next morning.  The rest of the day was spent shopping for a coat and chaps for V, a couple more refreshments.  Then a nice dinner at a place right by the Harley Complex.  We called it a night fairly early in anticipation for the next days activities .Didn’t want to have all our FUN the first night.


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