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Road to Freedom 98Hello, Welcome to our site. We are Tom and Arleen Nathey. Recently We retired from our 9 to 5 jobs and started a new chapter in our lives and careers. After years of doing a side gig to earn extra money we decided to go full time with the business, realize our dream of traveling and spending our time in a way which was productive for us, when we wanted and not when time dictated we could. So we bought a toy hauler camper, and hit the road.

The mission of this site is not only share our adventures with you but to show how we do it. This site is not intended to be a road map for how you can do what we are doing, but rather show you how we do what we do. If your interested in learning about our business we will be happy to show you, just let us know. The things we share is what works for us.

One huge part of our life is riding our Harley Davidson bikes. As we travel we find a place to stay for awhile, tour the country on our bikes and share it all with you, who knows you may find yourself in the same area one day and remember us talking about that wonderful restaurant, or another feature the area has to offer and hopefully it will feel more like home for you.
To be able to do this is a dream come true for us, we wouldn’t be able to share all this with you if not for the help of the wonderful people at Mountainmodernlife.com Eric and Katie Nathey. Yes they are our son and daughter in law, they lovingly guide us through this wonderfully maddening thing called the internet.
Our daughter and her family live in Tallahassee and support us in this amazing adventure. If you see something you like please share it with us, or something you don’t like share it as well. We are everyday people living our best life. Take your time and look over the site, we hope you enjoy what you see and maybe learn some things as well. Check back often, see you down the road.


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